Mt Biking has its advantages:  FAT TIREs will take you places that you would never reach on a road bike....
FAT TIREs do require a little extra upkeep when the terrain bites back, which often happens when you
least expect it!

Below are some pictures of the carnage experienced on the FAT TIRE Challenge Mt Bike trail.
 ***in all pictures, the Mt Bike and its rider were able to ride out of the woods on their own power
Snapped off the
replaceable derailleur
Fork crown broken and fixed with duct tape on the trail
Even 29ers flat Travis helps Bill get his
bike running again
Handle bar gash and bruise from endo
Rear derailleur realignment...single-speeds are
looking better everyday....
Pinch flats are common in the rock gardens!
Can you say "Faceplant?"
Gashes from
going down
hard into a
trailside stump